Combine the precise designs of a mechanical engineer with the devotion of an old world craftsman, add a lifetime passion for exotic birds and you have an idea of James Durants vision for his stylishly handcrafted birdcages. A vision he has been practicing for over 30 years.

Perfection does not come easy. Beginning with the finest materials available each birdcage is handcrafted, assembled and polished, until the demands of perfection are carefully satisfied.

Each handcrafted birdcage is more than just a beautiful creation... it is also fully functional. Various birdcage sizes, wire gauges and spacings are available to accomodate birds of every size, from finches to macaws.

Durants award winning handcrafted birdcages are showcased by many of the top hotels, in the most exotic locations around the world. They can be found in the private homes of celebrities and heads of state, in the offices of Fortune 500 CEO's, and have been featured in the world famous Neiman Marcus and Hammacher Schlemer Christmas catalogs and at Harrod's of London.

Like anyone who has reached the top of their field, James Durant looks forward to the most challenging assignments. Specializing in custom designs whose only restrictions are a clients imagination and budget. Crated for domestic and international shipment.

James J. Durant
Fine Handcrafted Birdcages
Post Office Box 7278
Newport Beach, California 92658

e-mail: james@handcraftedbirdcages.com

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